Sand Blasting / Hand Sanding, Staining, Chinking and Caulking
Home/Cabin Location:

This was a unique old log home. We started by sandblasting the exterior complete and then hand sanded it for a smooth finish. We then applied a borate treatment to help stop log rot and bugs from entering the wood. Next was an application of life line stain and clear coat. The last step was to apply a new layer of perma chink.

Repair(s) Completed: Corn Blasting, Chinking and Caulking, Staining
Home/Cabin Location:

This log home was a typical one that the homeowner had not kept up on the maintenance and the stain was failing. We corn blasted the old finish off, caulked the exterior complete then applied a new coat of stain.

Repair(s) Completed: Maintenance, Chinking and Caulking, Staining
Home/Cabin Location:

This was a simple maintenance job. We washed off the direct and dust, repaired the chink and caulk then applied a fresh clear coat to help repel water plus it has a UV blocker to keep the sun from breaking down the stain.

Repair(s) Completed: Corn Blasting, Caulking, Staining
Home/Cabin Location:

The old Sikkens stain was failing and peeling off this house. We corn blasted the old finish off, repaired the caulking around all doors and windows then applied a fresh coat of Sikkens natural stain.

Repair(s) Completed: Sand Blasting / Hand Sanded, Chinking and Caulking, Staining
Home/Cabin Location:

This cottage was sand blasted, hand sanded, borate treated, complete chinking and stained with life line stain.


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