Hello, My new log home (red spruce) is ready to be treated both, interior and exterior. My father put an oil based varthane on the interior of his home and put Behr oil on the exterior of his home ( 35 years old). Wondering if these would be acceptable today to treat the logs with and is it best to paint by hand or spray it on. Thanks M

Do not use either of these products.  Most everything for log homes now is acrylic latex.  I would recommend using either LifeLine Ultra 2 for exterior and LifeLine Interior on the inside.  Both of these are made by Perma Chink.

Sashco also makes a good stain called Capture/Cascade and Sherwin Williams has "Natures". 

Do not use anything from the box stores or any kind of oil product.  The latex is a breathable surface and is healthy for the logs as it does not trap moisture in.


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