Hi. I am redoing the bathroom in a log home that my company owns. The bathroom currently has a claw foot tub which we are removing and putting a walk in shower. It's not a very big bathroom and when your are looking at the tub, the left wall is tongue and grove and the back and right wall is the log walls. I was told that I could frame in the base of the shower, tile where the tongue and groove is and leave the logs exposed within the shower and have a glass door in the front. (showcasing the logs) The person said that they would coat the logs with something to help resist the water. I might add that this cabin is usually used on weekends only and then maybe 5 full weeks during the year. Is this a possibility to do? Thanks in advance for your help!! Christine

I would not recommend it.  I would suggest putting a glass wall up against the logs so that you can see them, but they are protected.


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