Hi.. Your site is very informative and I appreciat


Hi.. Your site is very informative and I appreciate it..I have a 1978 dark stained white pine kit log cabin in NH..The logs hold so much heat in the summer time that it gets up in the 80's and is hard to cool down.. Even after it cools down to 70 degrees outside it will still be 80 inside.. Beyond AC units, backer rod with silicon and keeping curtains drawn do you recommend anything to lessen the heat release that the house has?.. In the winter it's the opposite but I burn a lot of wood so it's not so bad.. Thanks in advance.

Short of stripping it down to bare wood and staining it a lighter color there isn't much you can do.  One note, do not use silicone for caulk.  It does not make a good chemical bond with wood and falls out quickly in the heat.  Use Conceal caulk made by Sashco.  It is made for log homes and is a latex product.  You can order from Timeless Wood Care Products at 800-564-2987.




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