Hi! Purchased a log home over a year ago. The home is located in the Midwest and it was mid December. Unknown but appears the exterior stain/sealer looked recently applied by former owners, and all was dry. Unknown the type of wood, or the stain/sealer possibly used. Immediately after the purchase, (not to say it wasn't present before) I noticed a chemical smell coming from the exterior walls at certain areas. Did not think twice about it other than odd but perhaps the home had been recently stained/sealed and being winter it was taking longer to dry. Very early in the Spring I started landscaping next to the homes exterior walls and the smell was still very much present. Now, over a year has passed and the smell us still very much present. Your thoughts????? Thank you

It is probably a linseed oil / penetrating stain that will never dry to a hard finish and will turn black over time from pollen and dust sticking to it and will cause black mildew to form.  It would need to be stripped and have a good latex stain applied like LifeLine to cure this problem.


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