I am considering the purchase of a Heritage Log Ho


QUESTION:  I am considering the purchase of a Heritage Log Home that has not been properly maintained by the most recent owner. It has some split and splintering log ends on the outside and a couple of places where the logs look discolored and moss is growing on the log itself. I would like some idea of how this type of repair is done and what underlying issues may be there that are not easily seen. I would love to have this home, but would like some idea of what type of project I would be undertaking, the previous owner did no type of yearly maintenance on the home in the 7 years he owned it so it needs a little restoration to be brought back into shape. Thank you

ANSWER:  If you are looking to do it yourself I would recommend grinding the logs clean and then sanding them to get the swirl marks out left from the grinder.  Do not fill the splits (checks) in the logs as that is their way of staying dry.  If you fill them with caulk eventually the caulk will pull from the log and leave a little hairline crack for the water to get down in the check and will rot the log from the inside out.  If you are concerned about some of the larger up facing checks apply some Shell Guard Concentrate in them once every 3 years of so.




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