I have a 1989 Western Red Cedar log house that we've owned for 10 years. The seller had it checked by an exterminator before I bought it and was given clear papers. I admit i sort of forgot to have it checked for bugs since that. Is there anything a homeowner can do besides "Call an exterminator"? In my short life, I have heard enough of stories about 'professionals' who really weren't that good and they recommended the wrong thing, etc. In this 1500 sq ft house, I have only found 1 or 2 carpenter bee holes in the logs. (the half logs are a different story, but I am not worried since they don't appear to be more as time goes on.) I am not aware of any bugs, flies, termites, etc, but is there something I can do to examine the house myself? I am a detailed person which is more than I can say of some 'professionals' I have me up with.

Bugs are typically no a big problem with cedar.  Watch for new entry holes or little piles of frass (sawdust) on tops of logs.  Most wood eating bugs can only be treated properly with a borate treatment which needs to be applied to bare wood.  An exterminator can help slow the bugs with a treatment every 30 days during active months.


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