I have a couple questions concerning my satterwhite log home. I had the exterior logs blasted with walnut shells. The home is in central Texas. We had a few days of rain prior to painting the exterior . How long should the logs dry prior to spray painting a solid color stain on them? Another question is the inconsistency of color the logs have with the paint that was put on. The walls that were painted are splotchy. There are only a few logs that the stain has a solid color which looks correct. A lot of the darker shading of color of the logs appear to be fuzzy from the blasting. Will another good spray coat of paint will make the color blend and make it more more solid color? The painters only put one coat on the house. Thank you

ANSWER: First, I'm hoping that you are using a latex solid stain.  Oil based stains are not a breathable surface and trap moisture in the logs.  I'm not sure how wet the logs were, but you should let them set for 2 or 3 days of good sunny dry weather.  The logs should have been Osborne brushed after staining to take care of the "fuzz".  You should also apply a second coat of stain.  It should take care of the blotchy look.


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