I have a log home. Built in 1999, 10" D log. We did not have chinking applied. Can I have still have that done? Thinking it may help with heating/cooling costs? Would that be correct? If the reply is yes, what type chinking should be used.? Thanks for any help you can be. Donna Casey

Yes you can.  Most "chinkless" log homes need to have it done after about 10 years because of the home moving, drying out and sifting to make openings between the logs.  The material you need to use depends on the type of log that you have.  Rule of thumb is if the line is 3/4" or less you should use caulking made for log homes.  I recommend "Conceal" from Sashco.  If it is wider, than you will need to use true chinking which I recommend Perma Chink.  Just make sure that you have a wide enough line to use chinking otherwise it will crack and fail if you run too small of a line with it.


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