I have a split log (to ensure I'm using the right


I have a split log (to ensure I'm using the right term - think of a stack of 12" firewood with concrete in-between them all). It's 70 years old and the wood looks to be cedar. Hasn't been looked after for a number of years, some logs are in good shape, some not so good near the bottom. We believe my grandfather finished the wood ends with creosote which was popular in the 60's. My first scrub with a wire brush to remove weathered loose wood took most of this old finish off and still allowed the log end to be flush (or better) with the exterior concrete. A lot of the original 'chinking' (concrete applied around the circular edge of the log sticking out of the concrete wall - approx. 1/4") is gone and was caulked at some point. We plan to remove as much of the severely weathered (and incorrect) caulk and scrub off the very crumbly weathered wood ends that hold much of this old creosote finish as best as we can. (Not sure about blasting as it may take off too much and cause an indenting of the log ends into the concrete wall - thoughts?). Also plan to extend the skinny soffit to help rain keep off the logs in the future. My question mainly lies with the refinishing of the logs. From you website, I've gathered that an oil might be our best bet? We do get a cold and snowy winters. Any suggestions of oil type?

I do not recommend oil stain.  It does not allow the log to breathe like latex stain and allows moisture to escape.  I recommend using LifeLine from Perma Chink.  Call Timeless Wood Care Products to order.  800-564-2987




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