I have an 80s built hand hewn log cabin with wide/flat sided logs (about 18 in in diameter, each) and significant chinking (over 6 inches in some areas). The home is beautiful but the interior stain has an orange cast to it. The stain is perma chink. Is it possible to stain over top (possibly darker) and eliminate the orange? Or bleach in some type of way? If not, is sanding the only way to change the color? The perma chink folks I spoke with didn't recommend blasting on the interior and had no ideas to overcome the orange beyond that. Also, how do I stain so the chinking does not get stained?

You could experiment with a darker stain in a none conspicuous spot.  It may or may not take the orange out.  If that doesn't work you will have to corn blast then Osborne brush since you really can't sand hand hewn logs without ruining their character.  As for the chinking, you will have to cut in around all lines when staining or stain the logs not worrying about the chink and then chink paint the lines.  Perma Chink makes a specific paint for this.


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