My house was stained with sikkens it needed to be staying about 3 years ago started peeling so we hired someone to strip it and they power washed it then put a different kind of stain which is woodguard but now it has like a furring on the logs why is it from the stain and we'll lay down in a couple weeks or is it from too hard of sanding or power washing please help don't know what to do it cost a lot of money to have this done

I would recommend that you dry media blast it, Osborne brush and then apply a good latex stain like LifeLine or Capture/Cascade.  I am not a big fan of the Woodguard and power washing is cancer to a log home since it will never dry out properly after hammering the water so deep into the wood fiber.  You then trap it in the logs with oil based stain and you get the trouble you have going.  Latex stain is a breathable surface and allows micro moisture out and does not allow water in.


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