There is a 1920 American chestnut log cabin on our property we are restoring. I've cleaned out all the old refuse inside. The logs are in good shape being protected by side boards and a good roof. But there's been rats living in it for a long time now. The smell of urine is overpowering. Will we ever be able to get that out? I planned to media blast or powerwash the logs in an attempt to get them ready for stain and chink. I've read on your site that powerwashing is not advised. But will the media blast help with the urine smell? I thought perhaps the pressure wash might. Even if not at high pressure right up on the logs. But its not just the logs its the pine floors and ceiling joists, etc. we have to decontaminate as well. What is our best way forward? We don't want to spend thousands of dollars and many hours of work on a cabin that will ultimately be unusable. Thanks.

I would recommend contacting Serv Pro or a company similar that specializes in cleaning like this.


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