QUESTION:  We bought a log home with cedar exterior that hasn’t been maintained for over 10 years. We are going to attempt ourselves as the cost provided was over $10,000. What are the step by step instructions for doing this? We have already inspected the logs and none need to be replaced and there are minimal areas that need sealing. In what order do we do the maintenance? Sanding first? Cleaning first? What products are recommended? Thank you.

ANSWER:  Since it has been so long you will want to strip the home back to good clean wood either by media blasting and Osborne brushing after, or sand the entire house.  Repair any breaks or cracks in existing caulking or chinking. Apply a good quality latex stain made for log homes like LifeLine or Capture/Cascade.  Call 800-564-2987 for more help and the materials you will need.


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