We have yellow pine logs. Yes, I did it....I did not research first and yes, I power washed! Well....that damage is done! Now, we'd like to keep the natural color of the log....no colored stains. What do you recommend? I am expecting Thompsons water seal is NOT the right answer!! ;>) Second, we have a putty like 'chinking' or caulking. It's cracking and black. Should we remove it and if so, what is the best method? What should we use to either replace it or, if possible, go over it? We know the house is not sealed well, seems the area on the top plate between the walls and roof, are very drafty, as are all windows and doors. Can I low expansion foam seal those area behind the trim? Love the site....looking forward to learning how to maintain this 24 year old log home that has not been properly maintained. Thank you for any  and all help!!

Depending on how hard you power washed the logs you will need to let it dry out completely before staining.  If you hit it really hard it can take a month or two of good weather to dry properly.  There is no good product that is clear that will hold up.  Definitely not Thompson's!  It will turn the logs black mildew.  You will need to put some sort of stain with pigment on it or you will be re-doing it in a year or two.  Stay away from oil based penetrating stains.  Use a good quality latex stain made for log homes like LifeLine or Capture/Cascade. 

As for the chinking it depends on the type of log you have.  If the gap is 3/4" or less you will want to use Sashco "Conceal" caulk.  If it is wider than use Perma Chink.

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