QUESTION: We inherited 25 year old log home. Overall in good shape but exterior exposed logs are dull dirty dark n look like mildew causing discoloring. The logs under covered porches are dirty but glossy n lighter in color n shiny. I was going to PRESSURE wash with TSP n get mold mildew n dirt off n see what it looks like. I have no idea what type STAIN water or oil base is on the logs?? The House is solid n so is chinking. It may be hard to stain to match porch logs. I read there are quality restoration stains that can be put on unknown type stain finishes that are effective. I was thinking about staining the entire house dark red brown to hopefully match closer overall Looking for professional advice or recommendations on best course of action. I would like to get logs to have a shine to them like the porches n be similar n uniform in color. What would be best stain product to give me a semi gloss finish? Also what type of stain would you recommend for deck flooring? Please advise on best economical solution. I have time now to get started. Thanks Paul

ANSWER: I would recommend using Sashco Transformations Stain.  We always use Sherwin Williams Deckscapes Solid stain fro the decks.  Call Timeless Wood Care Products at 800-564-2987 for more help and the products that you will need.


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