QUESTION:  We purchasing a small log cabin in northern Colorado a couple of years ago. This is a fairly arid area with high winds at 8200 ft in elevation. We had multiple tasks to get through but now this summer we are looking to stain/paint the exterior. The south and east facing sides are starting to peel. We have a color sample but not the original stain maker. Furthermore, it is apparent it was a solid stain (i.e. paint). Can we simply pressure treat the surface and reapply a solid-stain? Cost is a consideration and we have a limited number of good contractors, so I was thinking about doing this myself. I appreciate any advice. Thanks.

ANSWER:  Yes, a light power wash and washing with Log Wash along with scraping of any loose flaky material to prep will work.  Be sure to use a latex solid stain.  You can put latex over oil or other latex, but never oil based products over latex.  Hope this helps.  Call 800-564-2987 or go to timelesswoodcare.com to purchase Log Wash.


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