We recently bought a pine log cabin built in 2001. The interior walls are so dry they are rough. I applied a little Murphy Oil Soap to a wall and it feels much happier. I want to be sure we treat the wood correctly, though. What is the best way to treat the unfinished walls? The oak floors have some large gaps between the boards, some have what appears to be a little black mold, and other areas are darkened from sun exposure and it is obvious where the rugs were. After sanding, what action should we take? And lastly the exterior of the log home is painted. After corn blasting what is the best product to use to seal/finish our home? Thank you for the awesome forum!

The interior logs will need to be sanded smooth before staining and clear coating with Perma Chink LifeLine Interior and Acrylic Gloss/Satin.  NEVER put Murphy's Oil soap on logs before they are stained or you will have to sand again.

The floors will need to have a couple of coats of Perma Chink Sure Shine applied.

The exterior should be corn cob or crushed glass blasted to remove the paint as much as possible.  Typically if there is paint you will have to grind and sand the logs to make them right for staining after blasting.  Sometimes just Osborne brushing is enough to make a nice surface for staining.  Apply a borate treatment, 2 coats LifeLine Ultra 2 and coat of Advanced Topcoat Gloss/Satin.



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