Hybrid Log Homes, Half Log Siding & Log Accents

Turn your home into a log home masterpiece! American Log Specializes in Hybrid Log Homes, Half Log Siding Systems and Log Accents

American Log Restoration has the ability to turn your conventional home into a log home masterpiece with our unique handcrafted ½ log siding. This is not your conventional half log siding you can purchase at your local lumber company. We create a handcrafted, chink style log home complete with saddle notched corners.

American Log Restoration now offers log home accents as well. Any home can add log home accents to their design in the form of porch trusses, rafters and rafter tails, corner posts, window and door trim and many other options. Log home accents can compliment many types of conventional siding types. Imagine an immaculate log entrance to your home with posted log corners and interior exposed log trusses. You can have this and still keep the low maintenance of a more conventional cedar siding or hardie board siding. American Log Restoration can transform your conventional home into a unique mountain or woodsman style home.

If you have added onto your existing cabin with a conventional structure, we can add half log siding to the exterior so that it matches the original structure. There is no project that we cannot replicate. Many times its best and most cost effective to add onto your log home with a conventional structure and add log siding on the exterior to match your existing home. You can even choose to add log accents on the interior such as log trusses, corner posts and other large beams. You can create beautiful porch areas with log trusses and rafters on the exterior as well. American Log Restoration has the experience to make it happen.

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Below is a recent project in Michigan that was completed. American Log Restoration added a consistent handcrafted log siding to the entire exterior of the home to give it a beautiful uniform look. The original cabin dated back to the late 1800's with 3 or 4 add ons done at later times. It was a hodge-podge of different log styles and conventional structures put together over the years. The client loved the unique characteristics of the interior rooms but thought the exterior needed a nice uniform look. You can see how great it turned out from the photos below.

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