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interlinking logs marked for repairWe have performed log replacement and log home repair on hundreds of log homes, cabins, and other wood structures throughout the United States. Log Replacement and log home repair is American Log Restorations specialty.  We can take on any project no matter what your log home repair needs are.
During log replacement, we can match the new logs with the old logs using the same method and building style and precision as the original building. Sometimes there are problems with the bottom logs due to structural problems. We can assist you with a redesigned foundation to keep these problems from happening again.

How To Spot A Rotting Log

Use a hammer and walk each logs full length, tapping on it being careful not to damage the log or the chinking . You will need a ladder to tap on the upper logs. Don't forget to tap on the logs directly below the windows! They are one of the first ones to show signs of rotting. If there is a hollow or rotten exterior, you will experience a different sound.

This is not always a foolproof way to locate rotted logs, but it works 90% of the time. Once a problem log is found, place a piece of masking tape to mark it for repair. Another method is to simply look for the gray weathered look or insect holes. Log ends are also spots for log rot, especially if they stick out past the overhangs of the house. Water splashing down off from the roof onto the top log starts a waterfall effect that can cause the whole corner to rot.

Sometimes you can see them going bad first from the empty spots forming in the log end. Please check out the article “Inside Look” on our “Featured Projects” page for more information on how and where to look for rotting logs. Then “contact us” to get a quote for replacement.


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