Schmidt-Burnham Log House

The Winnetka Historical Society contacted our company in 2003 in hopes of restoring the Schmidt-Burnham Log House. The cabin, like many others built in the early 1800’s, has been moved numerous times before finally being moved to Crow Island Woods.

The goal was to save as much of the original log building as possible. Many of the log faces were still in good condition, with only in the center of the logs rotting and much of the chinking was still in tact. Every log was removed, analyzed, restored and then reinstalled. We made sure to replicate the dove tailed corners as well as matching the old hand hewn markings.

After nearly 3 months of work, the cabin was completed and then re-opened to the public in September of 2006.

Read about this article in the “Winnetka Talk” or read more about the history and restoration of the cabin at the Winnetka Historical Society’s website.

Year Built: Early 1800's
Year Repaired: 2006
Repair(s) Completed: Log Repair / Replacement, Chinking/Caulking
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