American Log Restoration & M&M Log Home Care now have Thermal Imaging!

Are you tired of paying too much to heat your log home? Are you feeling a draft from between the logs on your home? These are all very common problems with older and even some newer log homes. Many log home companies advertise a “chink-less” design style where a tongue and groove or foam gasket take the place of tradition chinking or caulking. Even these homes can settle and leave you with air spaces. The smallest gaps can let in lots of cold air and cost hundreds of dollars in heating costs.

American Log Restoration and M&M Log Home Care now have the technology to help you determine where you’re loosing heat! Themal Imaging has helped to save log home owners hundreds of dollar in heating expenses. We can determine the problem areas and find solutions to turn your log home into a more efficient home.

Contact us today and turn your home into a more efficient place to live!

Click HERE to see more photos with our Thermal Imaging Camera.

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