Our log cabin has square hewn logs (not D-style though). There is chinking on the exterior walls but the interiors do not currently have chinking. We'd like to add chinking. Are backer strips needed? If so, where do we place them since there is no place to stick them into (compared to what I see used on round logs)? I fear that if we apply it on top of the tiny seam between the logs, it will protrude and we'll have uneven chinking. Thank you!

It's hard to say without seeing a picture, but you normally would put a piece of Grip Strip backer in the line and apply the chinking over it.  If the lines are 3/4" or smaller you will want to use Conceal caulk.  Call Dave at Timeless Wood Care Products at 800-564-2987 for help and the materials you will need.


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