QUESTION:  Hi, I’m using a Permachink stain on chestnut logs on the cabin I’m restoring (thanks for your recommendation months ago). I’m trying to match the color of the logs with shutters that I believe are cedar. When I apply the same stain product to the bare wood of the shutters it has a brighter yellow/orange hue that doesn’t match the logs. I’m learning about variations among different types of wood. I read online to add a blue or green stain/dye to the stain to counter the yellow/orange which seems to be working but I don’t have quite the match yet. A while back I had received green stain samples from Permachink which is what I’ve used but it’s not enough. Can you recommend a company/product that has water-based dyes (green, blue, black, white at least) that I can use to create custom stain colors? Thanks! Ben

ANSWER:  I would recommend sticking with what Perma Chink has sent you.  I would be afraid to put something into the stain that may not be compatible. 


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